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Dear NH Pulp Fiction Contributors:

Chances are you have already heard the news, good or bad regarding the selections I’ve made for the Live Free or Undead horror anthology. I’ve just written to the 20 authors whose stories were chosen and I’ve been leaving a trail of death and devastation among the rest of the contributors by sending out notices in sorties over the past few weeks. If you haven’t heard from me, the chances are your story was not accepted and I just either lost or garbled your contact information. Feel free to write me and ask if you haven’t heard, but don’t get your hopes up.

The incredible number and generally high quality of stories I received for “Live Free or Undead” condemned many fine efforts to beĀ  cast into the outer darkness.

A number of people have written to ask for critiques of their work to better conceive any future submissions. As soon as I have time, I’ll honor those requests to the best of my ability. I had to make my choices based upon my goal to have a number of styles and subject matter and even locales reflected in the final book, so in many cases there was no real “critique.” Just an editorial gut reaction determined to make the best book that I could.

There will be a web site component of Live Free or Undead and the NH Pulp Fiction series and if you are interested in having your story included on that site, let me know. There won’t be any payment for this, but I’ll have profiles on each of the participating writers and links to their own sites, blogs, etc.

Finally, this is the first edition of the series, and I hope you’ll consider submitting other stories to future volumes. Next in line will be a mystery anthology (title in development) and I’ll be seeking stories for that as soon as I have this book sent off to the publisher in late July. This winter, I hope to get the word out for the science fiction edition and then, most likely, historical romance.

So the good news is that Live Free or Undead is alive (it’s Alive!), and judging by the interest generated so far, should be a great start to the NH Pulp Fiction series.

I’ll keep posting here from time to time to keep everyone posted on progress.

Thanks for your patience and for your great stories.

Rick Broussard, Editor

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